Entrepreneur, strategist, technophile, change agent, lover of all things tasty, cyclist, procrastinator & learner of new things.
Grand Rapids, MI


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Happy Easter everyone!

Talking color theory and Easter eggs.

Leftover carnage from this Winter. #snowmenarms

Homemade bucatini, sauce and wine.

Awesome group of volunteers this morning for @bringthegreengr. It’s FREE! Bring your kids. #GRinGreen

What? There’s Quidditch being played at #heartsidepark? @bringthegreengr

#heartsidepark getting cleaned up for @bringthegreengr - a FREE event for families and kids.

We will be telling our grandchildren how we are #polarvortexsurvivor’s! @havecompany

Working at @rowstercoffee and drinking from my new member mug.

Finally, @k8hunt is home from her @onwardtravel -ing.


Chains oiled. Practicing our cycling skills.

Stir fry noodles. #homemade #pasta

Homemade spaghetti #pasta

Stir fry noodles #miseenplace

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