Entrepreneur, strategist, technophile, change agent, lover of all things tasty, cyclist, procrastinator & learner of new things.
Grand Rapids, MI


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Slowly but surely, the house is coming together. #bhr2gr

Porch taco Sunday! #bhr2gr

Awesome looking pizza from #HallStBakery!

3 guesses on what @k8hunt is doing here. Go.

Pure Michigan

Zen-ish Garden.

Hall St Bakery has beer on tap?!

WHAT?! An affogato? #Madcap and Loves?!

Lots of boxes still, but lots of progress too!

New couch in new place! #bhr2gr

Moving morning! #bhr2gr

Let the moving begin! #bhr2gr

Book, books and more books. #bhr2gr

Looks like the Hollyhock Lane Parade is on my new street! #BHR2GR

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